News: Hexa-Cover® Floating cover​

May 2021: New 4.000 m2 / 43,000 sqft Hexa-Cover® project in China, Tianjin

Industrial wastewater: Odor / emission

May 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in Canton, OH, USA

Industrial wastewater: Algae

April 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in Canada, Truro - Nova Scotia

Process Water (dairy processing): Odor

April 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in China, Tianjin Province

1.000 m2 industrial wastewater (chlor-alcali): Odor / emission

March 2021: SE Tank, Lebanon, TN

Southeastern Tank in Lebanon, TN is now a fully stocked distributor of Hexa-Cover. 

Please make sure to reach out to them for your floating cover projects

Southeastern Tank, Inc., Lebanon, TN 37090

615.466.5220 Office / 615.466.5222 Fax​

March 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in Chile, Iquique area

3.000 m2 / 32,200 sqft waterstorage facility: Evaporation


March 2021: Two new Hexa-Cover® drone videos:

Link: the start of a new 20.000 m2 project

Link: covering a tank

February 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project USA, LA 71073

74.000 sqft / 6.875 m2 (3 wastewater reservoirs): Algae


February 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in Santiago, Chile

Industrial wastewater: Odor / emission

February 2021: New Hexa-Cover® project in Beijing, China

Industrial wastewater: Odor / emission

February 2021: More water, and better water with Hexa-Cover®

Two new Australian case studies - link / link

January 2021: New way of thinking for water catchment, Australia

"The cover I went with is not new but relatively new to Australia (Hexa-Cover, a Dutch (read Danish) company now being produced in Victoria), they are recycled plastic discs that float on the dam but don't get blown away and can reduce evaporation by 90 per cent".


January 2021: Happy New Year

December 2020: New Hexa-Cover® representative in the USA

We are indeed very pleased to announce our new co-op with Southeastern Tank, Inc ( Southeastern Tank will represent us in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana​ focusing on Municipal & Industrial.

Contact person is Jason McGee / / 931-993-0881


December 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project in Colombia, Bogota

14,320 / 1.320 m2 m2 industrial wastewater: Odor / emission

December 2020: China, Guangxi Province

Wastewater / chemicals: Odor / emission

December 2020: Innovative Pig Production Solutions from Denmark

​Please download the publication "Innovative Pig Production Solutions".

An overview of market leading Danish solutions generated by the Consulate General of Denmark - The Trade Council.​

November 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Amman, Jordan

Water reservoir: Evaporation

October 2020: Hexa-Cover secures major orders - 882,000 sqft / 62.000 m2 for Chile and Middle East


October 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Chile

667,000 / 62.000 m2 sqft water reservoirs: Evaporation / growth of algae

September 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Middle East Region

215,300 sqft / 20.000 m2 water reservoir: Evaporation / growth of algae

September 2020: Interesting business case - Leachate / Spain


August 2020: New Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas API, China

35,520 sqft / 3.300 m2 - 5 wastewater tanks (petrochemical): Odor / emission

July 2020: New Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Heavy Duty, Salluit, QC

Gasoline: Evaporation

June 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Potter Valley, CA 95469

Water Storage Facility: Evaporation / growth of algae 

​June 2020: New 11,200 sf Hexa-Cover® project, KSA

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Heavy Duty / Extreme Duty is covering 11,300 sqft wastewater ponds (working temperature 60-90o C - VOC, O&G, TDS, TOC, TSS) for controlling odor and emission

​Juni 2020: From Australian magazine "Operator"



May 2020: New 11.200 m2 Hexa-Cover® project, New Zealand

​​Sewage treatment pond: Growth of algae

April 2020: New 75.350 sqft Hexa-Cover® project, New Zealand

Water Storage Facility: Evaporation / algae

Effective, reliable, long lived and flexible - key features for Hexa-Cover®.

Hexa-Cover® can be installed in any kind of pond, tank etc. and for covering any kind of surface area - also if just a part of the surface is to be covered. 


April 2020: Corona / COVID 19

Despite the very unfortunate and challenging times we are pleased to inform our manufacturing is running as normal. As such we can supply as usual. In case You have future plans including Hexa-Cover®, we will be very pleased to set up individual agreements with You. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe!

March 2020: New 25.800 sqft Hexa-Cover® project, Chile, Iquique, Tarapacá Region

Water Storage Facility:Evaporation

March 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Laura, QLD, Australia

Water Storage: Evaporation / algae

February 2020: Updated Hexa-Cover® references here


Water & Industry - Global

Agriculture - Global

Oil & Gas - Global

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a cover solution

February 2020: New Hexa-Cover® representative, Colombia

We are very pleased to welcome ITMCOL SAS as new official partner in Colombia




February 2020: New Hexa-Cover® API project, Brazil RS

Industrial wastewater (Petrochemical): VOC-emission

February 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Amman, Jordan

85,150 sqft Water Storage Facility: Evaporation

January 2020: New Hexa-Cover® project, Tianjin, China

Industrial wastewater: Odor / emission

January 2020 - Hexa-Cover® exhibited in KSA

Please make sure to visit our partner, DLPS



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 2019: New 32,400 sqft Hexa-Cover® project, USVI St Croix

Water Storage Facility: Evaporation / algae

November 2019 - Hexa-Cover® now certified for use with potable water according to AS/NZS 4020:2018

We are very pleased to inform that Hexa-Cover® is now certified for use with potable water according to AS/NZS S4020:2018 - Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.

Since the launch in 2004 we always aimed at quality in all aspects, in all what we are doing from the fundamental design, the careful selection of suppliers, the molding process, our ISO-certifications etc – we always aimed at having state of the art quality as our standard.

Since 2004 we have manufactured millions and millions of the Hexa-Cover® elements and honestly speaking, we have had no quality / warranty complaint, not even one. Now it is also verified we do it all within the very strict rules for potable / drinking water.

Please note on the AS/NZS 4020:2018 - International certifications which may be considered acceptable to approve a material, product or chemical include:

  • NSF International Standard/American National Standard (NSF/ANSI) 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects
  • NSF / ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects
  • UK WRAS approval (compliant with British Standards BS 6920:2014 Suitability of nonmetallic materials and products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water)
  • UK Drinking Water Inspectorate Regulation 31 approval (for all materials from source to point of supply, including treatment chemicals, pipes, fittings etc

Link certificate

November 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Bedford 47421 IN

Water Storage Facility: Evaporation / algae

November 2019 - new Hexa-Cover® representative New Zealand:​

​We are very pleased to welcome Marshall Projects as our new representative in New Zealand. Please find more details here


October 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Queensland, Australia

1.100 m2 Industrial wastewater: Growth of algae

October 2019: New Hexa-Cover® references, Australia

North Queensland City Council, Australia

"We used to experience pump blockages every two days due to aquatic weeds growing in our recycled water storage. These pump blockages have not occurred since Hexa-Cover® were installed."

North Queensland City Council


Melbourne Water, Australia

"The installation and application of the Hexa-Cover® into open tanks couldn’t be easier. It is a very cost effective way of limiting the amount of sunlight into the tank which alleviates growth of algae."

Melbourne Water​


​East Gippsland Water, Australia:

"We installed 108,000 Hexa-Cover® discs in June 2017, and since have seen a notable reduction in algae growth and E.coli in our raw water storage, which makes the water much easier to treat."

East Gippsland Water


October 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Queensland, Australia

1.600 m2 Water reservoir - Irrigation: Evaporation / growth of algae 

September 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, ConCon, Chile

Industrial wastewater: Odor and emission 

September 2019 - KSA Middle East Region

4.800 m2 Hexa-Cover® API version for controlling odor and emission from industrial wastewater (petrochemical)


​September 2019 - Hexa-Cover® at AQUATECH 2019, Amsterdam, NL - Nov 5-8 2019

Please make sure to visit the Danish Pavilion

datestamp aqa 2019

September 2019 - Hexa-Cover® at ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi - November 11-14 2019

Please make sure to visit our partner DLPS, Hall no 8 / Stand no 8752


August 2019: New 7.000 m2 Hexa-Cover® project, New Zealand, Northland

Wastewater: Growth of algae

August 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Macoah, BC, Canada

Wastewater - WWTP: Odor and growth of algae

August 2019 - New Hexa-Cover® representative​ - Korea

We are pleased to inform that Hexa-Cover® is formally represented also in Korea. We welcome Jisun Engineering Co., Ltd and is looking forward to increased activities in Korea.

Jisun Engineering Co., Ltd.​

206-Ho Geonmok-B/D, Siheung-daero 27 gil

Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

Att: Mr. Jeongbae Ryu​

TEL +82-2-896-0903

FAX +82-2-896-0904

August 2019: Hexa-Cover® at WEFTEC, Chicago, Illinois, September 23-26 2019

Please make sure to stop by the LET Booth #4857

let weftec2019

July 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Eden Valley, MN 55329

Pig slurry (odor and emission)

May 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Houston, TX

Industrial wastewater (odor and emission)

April 2019: updated references, Hexa-Cover®


March 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Bedford IN 47421

Storage tank, groundwater (evaporation and growth of algae)

March 2019: New Hexa-Cover® project, Cleveland, OH

Industrial wastewater (odor and growth of algae) 

​​March 2019: Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas is the ideal solution for covering i.e. hydrocarbon contaminated water, diesel, crude oil etc.

Picture from a recent installation in France.



March 2019: Hexa-Cover® at IE, Expo, Shanghai, China - April 15-17

ie expo

September 2018: Hexa-Cover® at EuroTier 2018, Hannover, Germany

Please visit our partner, Henze Harvestore (


September 2018: Hexa-Cover® at 17th Middle East Corrosion Conference, Bahrain

Please visit our partner, DLPS (


August 2018: Hexa-Cover® at WEFTEC 2018, New Orleans, LA, USA

Please visit our partner, Lemna Environmental Technologies (


July 2018: New Hexa-Cover® partner, China

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Hexa-Cover-family, TopOasis Environment Technology Co., Ltd is now representing Hexa-Cover® in China.


TopOasis (Beijing) Environment Technology Co., Ltd.​ (
8/F, Building No. 2, ABP 15th District,

Fengtai, Beijing, 100070

Att: Ms. Susan Wang​ -​​

June 2018: Hexa-Cover® at World Mining Congress, Kazakhstan - June 19-22 2018

wmc astana

Please visit our partner, Aqua Royal Spring -

June 2018: Hexa-Cover is closed (manufacturing and logistics) in week 29 and 30

May 2018: New Hexa-Cover® representative, Jordan

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Hexa-Cover family - Enviro Blue will be representing Hexa-Cover® in Jordan. Contact details


August 2017: Hexa-Cover® at Weftec 2017, Chicago, IL

Please visit our partner Lemna Environmental Technologies, Inc


December 2016: New Hexa-Cover® partner, Australia

We hereby have the pleasure announcing Aeramix Pty Ltd, Melbourne our new partner. Together with Aeramix we already have done more projects i.e. Water Corporation Western Australia and North Burnett Regional Council.

Link, webpage


December 2016: Hexa-Cover® at IWS, Abu Dhabi - Jan 16-19 2017

Please come and meet us at the Danish Pavilion

iws ad 2017


November 2016: Hexa-Cover® at STM-12, KSA - Nov 6-9 2016

Please visit our partner DLPS


October 2016: Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas duty version

Installation sites Canada

September 2016: Hexa-Cover® at EuroTier, Hannover, Germany - Nov 15-18 2016

Please visit our partner Henze-Harvestore GmbH


September 2016: Hexa-Cover® at IWA, Brisbane, Australia Oct 9-14 2016

Please come and meet us at the Danish Pavilion

iwa brisbane

September 2016: Hexa-Cover® at Weftec, New Orleans, Louisiana Sep 24-29 2016

Please come and meet Lemna Environmental Technologies

weftec 2016


May 2016: Hexa-Cover® at IFAT, Munich, Germany May 30 - June 3 2016

Please come and meet us at the Danish Pavilion

ifat 2016

April 2016: Hexa-Cover® at EXPOMIN, Santiago, Chile April 25-29 2016

Please come and meet us at the Danish Pavilion

expomin hexa-cover


March 2016: Hexa-Cover heavily expands it´s US-distribution network

We are very pleased to announce the following new Hexa-Cover® partners;

Align Emission Controls LLC

c/o Northpoint Systems, Inc

1450 Brickell, Suite 1690

Miami, FL 33131

Attention: Mr Philip Gardiner, Managing Director

TEL 1-305-728-5233

Field Lining Systems, Inc
439 South 3rd Avenue

Avondale, AZ 85323

Attention: Ms Beverley Ramos

TEL 1-623-842-1255

Field Lining Systems, Inc

811 W. Green Valley Cir.

Payson, AZ 85541

Attention: Mr Skip Neal, Sales Consultant

CELL 1-602-723-0201


La Creole Orchards

6722 SE Reed Collage Place

Portland Oregon, 97202
Attention: Mr Bogdan Caceu
TEL +1 503 929 3460

MidAtlantic Storage Systems, Inc.
1551 Robinson Road

Washington CH, OH 43160
Attention: Mr Greg Mullins, Regional Sales Manager
TEL 740-895-6028

FAX 740-335-0584
CELL 740-606-5865

For a complete overview please visit

February 2016: Hexa-Cover® at WISA, Durban - May 15-19 2016

​November 2015: Danish Export Association nominates Hexa-Cover A/S "Exporter of the Year 2015"

With great pleasure and pride we can announce that Danish Export Association has nominated Hexa-Cover A/S "Exporter of the Year 2015"

Link: Danish Export Association nominates Hexa-Cover A/S

November 2015: Hexa-Cover® at IWA, Abu Dhabi - January 18-21 2016​

November 2015: Hexa-Cover® at AGRITECHNICA, Hannover, November 10 - 14

Please make sure to visit Henze Harvestore, Hall 6 / Stand C03​

November 2015: Hexa-Cover® at AQUATECH 2015, Amsterdam, November 3 - 6

On show is the;

  • standard Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover range, the R90 and the R114
  • Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty version
  • a new Brand / new product​

Please come and meet us: Danish Pavilion - Hall / Booth 07.245​

​October 2015: Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover "In the news"

News on DuPont™ / Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Version

Link: DuPont™ show case Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Version

Link: News Release - DuPont™ Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty version

September 2015: Hexa-Cover® at MEPEC, Bahrain - September 15 - 17

Please come and meet our partner DLPS, Booth 331

September 2015: Hexa-Cover® at Plant Engineering Show / INCHEM, Tokyo, November 25 - 27

Please come and meet our partner: KYODO INTERNATIONAL INC at 1H-12

September 2015: Hexa-Cover® at WEFTEC 2015, Chicago, Illinois, Sept 26 - 30

Please come and meet our partner: Lemna Environmental Technologies. Booth #4878

September 2015: Hexa-Cover® at AQUATECH 2015, Amsterdam, November 3 - 6

Please come and meet us: Danish Pavilion. Hall / Booth 07.243 and 07.250​

February 2015: New Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover manufacturing in North America

Over the past 6 years, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover have been preferred for a wide range of different projects in North America and surrounding countries.

As such "The Americas" is increasingly important markets for us and as a natural consequence of this positive development, we took the first step in 2014 - aiming at an even stronger position - by opening our Atalanta, GA based subsidiary, Hexa-Cover, Inc.

We now take this development one important step further. We hereby have the pleasure announcing that we now also have a manufacturing of the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover in North America.

Located in Toronto, Canada this new manufacturing facility will further strengthen our position. Future projects will see i.e. shorter delivery time, less shipping cost, less or no customs duties etc. for the benefit of our clients.


February 2015: Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover at PDAC 2015, Toronto, Canada

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover will be at PDAC 2015

Please make sure to visit our dealer Greatario at Booth 6407N

November 2014: Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover at "International Water Summit", Abu Dhabi

19 - 22 January, 2015

September 2014: Hexa-Cover® at WEFTEC 2014, New Orleans, USA - Sept 27th - Oct 1st

Please visit Lemna Technologies, Inc at Stand 2256

August 2014: New Hexa-Cover® subsidiary in USA

We are delighted to announce that Hexa-Cover A/S has established a subsidiary in the USA, Hexa-Cover, Inc.

Hexa-Cover® is already well underway in the United States but still there exists huge opportunities in all our 3 market segments; Water, Industry and Agriculture.

Hexa-Cover, Inc. will be spearheading the implementation of a new growth strategy for the United States and neighboring markets. The new strategy is focusing on much stronger presence, significant increased dealer network and on building strategic alliances.

Contact info:

Hexa-Cover, Inc.

3630 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 920

Atlanta GA 30326, USA

TEL: +1 (404) 835-9424

January 2014: Hexa-Cover A/S at "Expomin 2014", Santiago, Chile

Hall 2 / Pavilion 2 (Pavilion of Denmark)

Stand 1252n-2

October 2013: New Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover dealer for Panama

We hereby have the pleasure announcing our new dealer


Av 12 de Octubre PH300

Local 3 P.B.

Ciudad de Panama

Contact person: Mr Leopoldo Partidas

TEL: +507-60074244

October 2013: Hexa-Cover visit to Mexico City

Spearheaded by the Royal Danish Crown Prince Couple, a delegation of Danish companies (within the Energy and Environment sector) will visit Mexico City November 11 - 13.

Hexa-Cover A/S is part of this delegation and we will have the pleasure presenting our proven solution to a broad range of visitors from Latin America.

Please contact Mr Soren Madsen ( for a personal meeting.

September 2013: Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover at the following Expo´s

WEFTEC, Chicago, Il, USA

October, 7 - 9

Please visit our dealer, Lemna Technologies, Inc Booth 2902

AQUATECH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November, 5 - 8

Please meet us at: Hall 6 / 7 Booth 07.235A (Danish Export Association/Danish Water Technology Group)

June 2012: New Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover dealer, USA​

We have the pleasure announcing our new US Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover dealer, Lemna Technologies, Inc (
Lemna Technologies, Inc is a leading provider of solutions for the wastewater industry in both innovative design and affordable solutions for municipal and industrial clients in the U.S., and around the world.

Please note; Our existing US-dealers Cady Inc continue on an unchanged basis

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